April 12 Announcements


First up, the troop is planning a camping trip to Prince William Forrest April 23-24. Patrols will need to plan meals and activities. We will be introducing our new scouts to the skills they will need to make their first advancements. We will also be hiking. Everyone needs to bring personal water bottles as well as sunscreen and other camping essentials. We can discuss other equipment needs tonight or provide a list to those new Scouts and parents who need them.

For questions, contact Mr. Ehret.


Mr. Birchler has started planning the river rafting trip, which has been reserved for May 14. We will likely leave early that morning to be at the boat launch in Harpers Ferry by 9 a.m.

We need a firm head count as soon as possible. So we will be taking a count tonight. Again, if you won’t be at the meeting, please reply today so we know who is going.

Everyone who will be on the water (Scouts and adults) will also need to complete the online waiver.

According to Mr. Birchler, “This is a level 2/3 river (nothing crazy – just two places where it is a little scary).”

If you have questions about the rafting trip, please contact Mr. Birchler.


Mr Millander needs your MB choices now. Please email them to him this week!

The following scouts are registered for Camp Rodney (if you or your Scout is not on the list but wants to go to Camp Rodney, please contact Mr Millander ASAP):

  • Peter Beckman
  • Ethan Ehret
  • Hudson Prall
  • Braden Prall
  • Ronan Lauinger
  • Bodie Lauinger
  • Will Rutherford
  • Evan Larsen

Please review the MB schedule and descriptions, and provide your choices for each period. If you have questions, please contact Mr Millander directly.

*Note: the Program Schedule is organized by Program Category.  The dark grey blocks represent when each class takes place.*